Hello, my name is Blurryface. My other name is Tyler though. I write songs with many meanings, but I’m also kinda weird. My band partner, Josh, is also a little weird. He tends to change his hair color a lot. Apart from my band member, my music is very different. I tend to write about my thoughts, feelings, and my insecurities. I love all my fans, they are so supporting of me and always have my back. I’ve come out with 4 albums since Twenty One Pilots became a band, but even before the band existed I had my own album, No Phun Intended, which i made when I was 17. In 2009 I made Self-Titled, but Josh wasn’t in the band, just some friends. Then they had to leave in 2011, that’s when Josh joined, playing the drums. He helped make, Regional at Best, Vessel, and Blurryface. I still write music today, while Josh plays the drums. I know we’ll always be the perfect duo. l-/


Time To Roll

In the write-to-web class I took for three weeks in the summer, I created a board game called,¨Time To Roll¨. You must have two or more players and three dice to play this game. The rules are that each person rolls the three dice. After that you add the numbers on your dice and record them on a piece of paper and, whoever has the highest number move one space. Then you keep repeating that until a player reaches the ¨End Box¨. Whoever reaches the ¨End Box¨ first, wins! I learned a lot in the write-to-write class.

Dream Vacation to Kona

My dream vacation is to go to Kona, Hawaii. At that specific place in Hawaii, there are ziplining activities and scuba diving, and countless, really cool activities there. You can climb some of the mountains, and the view up top is truly beautiful. The people there are really nice too. There are some cool shops where you can buy waterproof cameras for scuba diving, or any underwater activity. You can buy souvenirs, or tools for climbing mountains. I was inspired by Alisha Marie and Ashley Nicole , two sisters that have youtube channels, and vlogged their vacation to Kona, Hawaii. I hope that someday, I will be successful enough to afford to take my brother, and my parents to Kona, Hawaii.