Google Sketchup & 3D Printing

Students will learn the basics of the 3D modeling program from Google that is known for its ease of use. Used for architectural purposes, as well as films and games, designs are created in two dimensions. Using a patented method, the designs are pushed and pulled into three dimensions. Students will use this knowledge to plan, design, draw, and produce (print) 3D objects.

Connor Meckstroth jpeg

The process of my house was mainly making the body the roof and the backyard. I struggled with the roof and fencing. I enjoyed the fact that I got to come up with my own idea for a house. How I overcame the struggle was I tried lots of times. – Connor M.

 Zac Niekamp   This was a pretty long process to make make. First, I started with the garage doors i made one sq. then one around it then push pulled the one outside. Next, I made a sidewalk by just making squares. Then I started making a house with brick on the outside and square transparent windows. Then, I started making a roof with some shingles. I kinda struggled a making a roof because it would always go flat on my roof then I finally got it. Another struggle was making a chimney but then I finally got it. Then, I started with the backyard. I made a patio with some stone, and I made a pool with a pool house. I made my pool with two circles one with concrete around it. My pool house was a rectangle with transparent circle windows. Then I was done. I really enjoyed making this house. – Zac N.
  Bo Spencer 2  The process was that I first made a circle then I brought it up I used the rectangle tool for the torso then again brought it up making the arms and legs was kinda hard there were no tools for shapes like that so I had to use the line tool. The struggle with it was that it kept on “trying to correct it”, it was hard then when I got the shape done I again brought it up and then I made the eyes with the rectangle tool and the circle tool I then brought it up a little. Soon it was done I looked around the figure to see some messed up stuff, and there was, the back of the head it was hard figuring it out, I eventually did it by making a line downwards I asked my teacher if I could do better she told me to erase it i did and it was still the back of the head, I then started to see if I could erase other line without it disappearing and then I colored it once I learned it could only be one color I colored it sky blue then I found out a few days later that it could only be blue, and there it was the finished product. What I enjoyed doing was coloring it. – Bo S.
Ryan Price    The process of this was easy but frustrating. First you had to make a square or a rectangle then use the push pull button which made it three dimensional. Then I made a roof but made two triangles then push pulled them. After that I went to the paint bucket and got the bricks and the shingles. So then I made rectangular  windows and used the mouse to see inside and then made the same thing with the door. So with the pool you used the circle button and the push pulled it then made a circle with the freehand and made the inside blue and the outside pavement. And for the pool house I made a rectangle then pushed pulled it and the made a triangle and push pulled it then made a window. Then I made a little patio which I made a rectangle then push pulled it a little bit. For the garage I made a rectangle and another one inside and push pulled the outside one. The house was a very frustrating thing but fun I liked this project a lot. Also the chimney you make a rectangle and push pull it. – Ryan P.
Olivia Metz 3DProcess: The first step in my process was to make the triangle. After I made the triangle I pulled it up to make it look 3D. Next, I made 3 circles for the pepperoni, I also pulled them through so it didn’t look like hollow holes in my pizza. Then, I made the line for the crust. Last, I  colored the cheese, pepperoni, and the crust.
Struggle:When I first pulled the pepperoni through the top part looked fine but underneath the pepperoni didn’t go through the other side. So I fixed it by pushing Ctrl to create a new starting face.Enjoyable:What I found enjoyable about making my pizza was getting to design it however I wanted. – Olivia M.

I first made the “wallet body”, which consists of the storage cavity, and indents on the side to hold the lid. Next I made the “wallet lid”, and I was sure to keep it aligned with the “wallet body” to make it easier to measure.

A struggle I had while sketching this is keeping the right measurements. My impatient self soon got the best of me and I settled for measurements a half inch or so off.

I enjoyed imagining what my design would turn out like, and I’d soon be able to say, “I 3D printed this wallet myself.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this class and learning experience, thank you for your time. – Myles W.

liamThe process of this home is make the house design with the first part of the garage and the sidewalk Then start designing the house. After you design the house and add the chimney and stuff, you’ll want to make your backyard area after that make a shed or something to go with it. After you’re done making your backyard design it with outdoor design’s, like a pool, grill, tables and chairs, or just anything you would see outside. One of the hard parts for this would be the shapes would be different sizes so you have to make them look good together. I made this house Because, I thought of a really good design so i made it and i really like how it came out. – Liam F.
First,I had to make the house and the garage

Then, I had to make the porch and I added the pool

and the hot tub. Finally, I made the land a perfect shape.

I struggled with the land because it kept on making

the floor on the inside all glitchy but I fixed it.

I enjoyed making this project. – Juliet W.

 Ean Kramer   The process of my house consisted of making the body of the house and putting a roof on the body of the house.I really struggled on the roof part I overcame the roof by trying and trying until I got it right.Many parts of the house was stressful but the part I enjoyed was making the backyard. Ean K.
houyseProcess I basically made two boxes one bigger than the other. Then I raised them up.  I then added textures like brick and wood to my house and pool house ( the two boxes) which made them look more realistic. On top I made a triangle and pulled it back to make a roof. I painted the roofs with a shingle texture thing. I also put little squares on the house and painted them with glass. Which made windows. On the front in between my two windows I made two rectangles as doors. I used squares to make a pathway. Then I made a wall and painted it to look like a fence. From the warehouse I got a grill. On the inside I made a circle with a little circle inside. I painted the little circle with a water texture, and the outside circle with grey paint. I made the pool house the same as the normal house except for the circular windows on my pool house.

Struggle The main  struggle that I had was kind of maneuvering the whole thing around and getting used to the program itself. I also struggled with the triangular roofs on the houses.

How I overcame the problem Well I overcame the whole program thing by just toying around  with the program and all the tools. I overcame the roofs by asking Miles for help and he showed me how.

Enjoyable Thing(s) I enjoyed getting to just design in general. I think it would be cool to be an interior designer so getting to design all these things was similar to that and a lot of fun. I also liked seeing the finished project because it makes you feel accomplished like WOW I did that!

Process This explanation may be a little shaky because I honestly just drew random lines. So I drew a hexagon, then pulled it up. I painted it a seafoam green color. Then from one rectangular side I drew a line straight up and connected it to the other side of the rectangle by drawing another line, which then formed a triangle. I repeated that multiple times as I went around the hexagon. Then I had a weird open shape. So I connected two triangles together at the top and repeated that twice ( if you look at the picture and look at the top of the shape you can see three straight lines that connect the triangles). That pretty much finished it. I did a quick check and filled in a couple open spots but that was pretty much it. I then painted it a maroon color.

Struggle My biggest and only struggle was coming up with what to make. I don’t have that much of an imagination.

How I overcame the struggle I just used all the imagination I had and started creating.

Enjoyable thing(s) The whole thing was enjoyable. Especial the final product :-). – DeLaney J.

Danielle Metz

Process: I first made the house. I made a square and then used the push/pull tool. After that I added the roof by making vertical lines then connecting them. I then added windows and doors. After that I made the garage. I made the garage so you could walk and hang out on top of it. So I added a table and refrigerator. I then made my pool house the same way I made my house. I then added brick and siding to the houses and garage. Then I added onto the back part of my house to make it bigger. After that I made my pool. My pool was made by push/pulling a square and adding water to it. I then added a sidewalk around it. Then I made a sidewalk to connect the house and the poolhouse. I did this by just drawing lines around the garage and up to the poolhouse. Next I made the driveway by just making a square in the yard and filling it with concrete. Next I made the volleyball net by connecting 2 vertical lines with about 10 horizontal lines.Next I made a square around everything for my yard. I then colored it green.

Struggle: I did have struggles doing this so I will make a list including how I overcame each one.

  1. The roof of my house wouldn’t line up with the house itself. So I ended up creating the whole house again, and it is now lined up.
  2. My next struggle was the sidewalk. I couldn’t get it to where you could fill it in with color. I figured out that not all my lines were connected, so I had to trace the entire sidewalk with the line tool.

Enjoyable: What I found enjoyable was making the pool. It was fun because there wasn’t a lot of lines to make so it made it easier. And I wasn’t getting frustrated like I was with the house. – Danielle M.